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What can I do with Golang


New to Golang? You can do many things with Golang. It's growing in popularity.

What kind of things? They include

  • Building web apps and static sites
  • Write distributed apps
  • Almost everything you can do with Python, PHP and Java
  • Web scraping
  • Server development (JSON API, Chat system, Web server)

You’ll be in good hands!


So a lot of things. Golang is a general purpose programming language, so you can use it for whatever you want.

That being said, some aspects of it have not yet standardized the way they have for PHP (Laravel) or Python (Django/Flask).

As long as you don’t need hard real-time capabilities, everything possible. That means, don't use Go when real-time is a hardcore requirement (nuclear power plants).

Some things may work just a bit different than in other languages, but don't let that stop you. Go!

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taylorwebk profile image

"That means, don't use Go when real-time is a hardcore requirement" why?

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Paul Gurney

Hi Brian, thanks for posting your thoughts on Go - can we have a quick chat?