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If DOM was not performant then shouldn’t it be the browsers that implement better performance

I think it comes down from the fact that there isn't yet an easy way to create reusable components natively in the browsers, which is why React and the likes were there in the first place. If we're going to wait until browsers catch up, I remember seeing Web Components specs a few years ago and it doesn't seem to be completing any time soon. I think people love implementing their own solutions when there isn't any available, at least I do.

But I hear you. I wish more efforts were there to improve the browsers or the specs instead, maybe by the community, but I think it's a different problem.

I'm curious tho, if you're not using React, what's your frontend framework of choice? Nevermind, saw your comment below mentioning Angular.

Have you looked at Stencil? It’s a library that compiles down to Custom Elements v1 and promises interop between all the major frameworks. With a 133 byte “Hello World” it relies heavily on browser spec. The browsers already caught up years ago. You can build reusable components solely with browser spec today.

Whoa, TIL! Thanks for the info. All I remember that it was stuck until the spec level, never got around being the official fully usable feature on the browsers. I guess I should look into it.

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