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You can use Liquid tags.

{% tag question %}

Here's how it looks like:

To see all things that are possible in liquid tags, you can check out the bottom of the page when writing an article (the question mark icon), or the (i) icon when writing comments. Hope this helps.


Thanks briwa,

My asking is a bit different -- I just want a inline link

So I opened an Issue --

Easy way to include tags in posts #3393

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suntong commented on Jul 07, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

With trying to incorporate other media into its own, including gist, twitter, or even youtube, is there any easy way to link to its own tags in posts? Like for #question and #help, etc, we still need to go the whole nine-yard to use the md syntac for links, right?


Describe the solution you'd like

The same approach we links to youtube or comments in ({% devcomment cl50 %} ), e.g.,

{% devtag question %}

Describe alternatives you've considered

This request is different from that of,

{% tag question %}

which shows up as a pop-out block. I just want a inline link, where I can say, for e.g.

You can use either {% devtag question %} or {% devtag help %} tags to ask questions.

Or anything else, as long as we don't need to spell out it twice like this:

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