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Why is image4io a good alternative for Cloudinary?

image4io is a website that provides customers and visitors with a variety of information about the speed at which websites uploaded. Cloudinary is also a company that offers services to its customers to ensure that their websites are loaded up much faster and used efficiently. In this context, before we talk about how image4io is an excellent alternative to Cloudinary, let's talk about why things like site upload speed, image optimization, and web performance are essential for websites.

Importance of Website Loading Time

In our social life, we have many situations where we have to endure, such as waiting for public transport, waiting in line at the bank, waiting for the plane at the airport, even though we don't want to. While we don't like to wait also to get our jobs done, seeing the web site that we click on while surfing the internet opens late will cause many people to experience a negative experience. A page that takes a long time to open causes us to close it immediately and consider other options. In this respect, we can mention that there are various effects on website speed. We can explain these effects as follows.
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Impact of Website Speed On SEO

Google released a statement in 2010 regarding the effects of the speed of websites on SEO. In this respect, the slow or fast loading of web sites is of great interest to SEO. We know that site speed is now one of the ranking factors. In fact, according to some experts, site speed is one of the most critical issues of Google. (*)Alt Text

Impact of Website Speed on User Experience

Research on the effects of website speed on the user experience found that due to the slow speed of the site, many users left the site without browsing the site. A survey conducted in the United States showed that 51 percent of online shoppers in the United States leave the site without purchasing a product if the site is slow to load. (*) Given this figure, which is too high for an e-commerce site, the number of potential missed customers is much higher than the number of earned customers! That is not only on e-commerce sites but also on sites that provide information. But don't let those numbers scare you. With image4io, you can learn the speed of your website and make various changes to increase speed. It is up to you to create a good experience for your visitors!
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Why Do Websites Load Slowly?

As a result of your tests through image4io, you will be able to observe why your website loads slowly. In this respect, the reasons for the slow loading of web sites can be listed as follows.


The host is the most critical factor affecting the speed of websites. In this respect, you can see if there is a problem with the host service you receive during your test through image4io.

Image Format / Image Optimization

image4io presents smart optimization solutions. It determines visitors’ browsers. Then image4io sends the fastest format to visitors. Thanks to that, visitors don’t wait to download images.
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The design of your website also directly affects the speed of your website. At some points, it would be more accurate to emphasize the Ease of use rather than visual appeal. With the tests offered by image4io, you can find out whether the slowness on your website is due to design.

Why Image4io?

image4io offers a testing method to help you understand why your website speed is slow and provide solutions to it. Using image4io, you can eliminate the problem by learning the source of the problem. It has easy integration and dashboard. You can control you images easily. Thanks to SEO tool your images are compatible SEO structure. image4io integrated with Zapier and Slack. You can use this channel and start to use image4io. They have a similar performance but image4io cheaper and faster than Cloudinary. You can sign up and use for free!

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