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7 reasons why you should start using React.

React offers faster rendering. When you are building larger
applications, it's critical to monitor the changes. So react
helps to maintain high application performance and provide a
better user experience.

Most companies use React to save a large amount of time. This is
because react codes are simpler to manage due to their modular
nature than other front-end frameworks.

React JS makes complex applications run extremely fast because
it was designed to provide high performance in mind.

If you know JavaScript, deploying React application is quite
easy to achieve, and since React is fast, you can make new
changes to the application and deploy again within minutes.

5.Supports both mobile and web development
Hold up; we are not yet over. Not only web development, even
React supports mobile development using react-native to build
native applications for BOTH Android and iOS platforms.

6.Easy to learn
To be honest, it took me a while (days….)to learn Angular, but
trust me. I learned to React in HOURS because React was much
easier to learn than other front-end frameworks out there, and
on top of that, React is way more popular and used nowadays.

7.Build rich user interfaces
How the user interface looks at the end of the day matters a
lot. If your user interface doesn’t look good, then the chances
for your app to succeed will be below. So building rich user
interfaces matters, and as usual, React got your back. React
allows building such high-quality, rich user interfaces through
its declarative components.

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