A Lightning Talk about Pry and a Blogpost about Lisp

brunjact profile image B Jacquet ・1 min read

This week was quite busy (for things other than work). My co-workers at Runtime Revolution had just enough of me. On Tuesday my post Four things about Pry was published on our blog. It is about a handful of features which I useful for debugging Ruby code.

And then on Thursday I made a lightning talk about Lisp. In it I attempt to give some insight some of Lisp's often joked and praised about features:

  • Parenthesis
  • Prefix notation
  • Recursion
  • Functional programming

Had to remove Macros due to time restrictions.

Slides were made on Remark and you find them here. Remark is great for quick and simple slides but had a really hard time making a PDF out of it.


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