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TinDog Javascript


For this project, I decided to go all out with a Tinder replica for Dogs, and let me tell you it had to be one of the most fun but stressful moments of my life. To start I started by running rails new tinDog --API --database=postgresql to get started. for this project, I decided to have a has_many relationship with likes so that way I'm able to show a user all of their profiles/cards they've liked. I did also think of doing a matching mechanic but I decided to save that for another day. In this project, one of the biggest challenges I faced was struggling to get user's images to show and retrieve from their computer. the way I overcame this issue is instead of trying to rush because images weren't being pushed out I just had users be able to upload image URLs and display them in their feed.

What I learned

One of the things I took from this project is the number of things you can do by manipulating the DOM and creating It the way you envision it I believe that you can 100% create a full app by just using JS and rails and make it an amazing app itself.

If I had a chance to go back

if I had a chance to go back and re-do this project I would tell myself to take it easy and not overcomplicate things like getting stuck trying to use gem 'active-storage' and making it all perfect.


Furthermore, I am beyond happy I'm one step closer to becoming a full-stack software engineer.

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