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Discussion on: Should I use Linux?

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For some of the practical reasons (for backend development):
Docker helps with this on mac, but from my understanding Docker runs on a linux VM in mac so that would be a layer of overhead. The file structure and some of the way software gets installed on mac is different. This means that you may have to understand and keep track of two ways of running things like webservers. Also if you are not using docker with a compiled language you may have to keep of track of the compilation target and any quirks that might bring.

For some more opinionated reasons:
I, personally, am not a fan of the macOS UI. The defaults seem to get in my way and makes it harder for me to be productive. Additionally, I have not found many ways in the settings to bring it to a "good enough" level. There are a variety of linux desktops out there, and many of them have very different approaches to the UI. Whether these are better or worse than the macOS UI is a matter of personal preference.

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Henry Boisdequin Author

Thanks for the insight. I have never thought of the Linux UI vs the macOS UI. I have heard from a lot of people, and you that Linux is much more customizable. This is why I'm convinced to try Linux!

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Rocky Kev

I'd argue that the Linux UI is more customizable if you WANT TO CODE IT YOURSELF.

Since you mentioned your background is on Mac, you may find a lot of linux distros just being fugly and cumbersome. (I'm speaking from my own experience.) Mac is crazy slick and has so many quality-of-life pieces. For me to jump into Ubuntu & then Fedora, I was pretty annoyed at how 'old' it looked and felt. And I wasn't going to learn how to fix all the things that I took for granted out of the box.

If you're feeling the same way as I did, check out Elementary OS. It's a bit more than a UI flavor of Ubuntu - but a bigger rebuild. That might give you a jumpstart getting your feet wet. Then, you can move to other flavors of linux. For me, I went Elementary OS -> Ubuntu -> Fedora -> Elementary OS again! (I still use fedora at work!)

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Henry Boisdequin Author

Thanks for the tips! I will definitely try out Elementary OS. For the most part, I'm fine coding the UI myself, as long as it's in Python, Javascript/Typescript, or Dart, but I don't think they use those languages...