Olric v0.2.0 is out: Distributed cache and in-memory key/value data store. Embeddable or language independent service.

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I have been developing a distributed cache software for a while. It's called Olric. If you are interested in, this is the GitHub link: https://github.com/buraksezer/olric

Some features:

  • Designed to share some transient, approximate, fast-changing data between servers,
  • Embeddable but can be used as a language-independent service with olricd,
  • Supports different eviction algorithms,
  • Fast binary protocol,
  • Highly available and horizontally scalable,
  • Provides best-effort consistency guarantees without being a complete CP (indeed PA/EC) solution,
  • Supports replication by default (with sync and async options),
  • Quorum-based voting for replica control (Read/Write quorums),
  • Supports atomic operations,
  • Supports distributed queries on keys,
  • Provides a plugin interface for service discovery daemons,
  • Provides a locking primitive which inspired by SETNX of Redis.

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