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Discussion on: Frontend vs Backend, which do you prefer and why?

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Ronald Flores Sequeira

I'll found my self in the middle, but now so hard to be a Full Stack, not yet.
But I believe that this approach is a good way to have a complete understanding of the user needs, and possible practical solution.

For example, last week I got asked by the client to do some functionality to a subscription cancelation process, with WordPress plugins, the description was to trigger a poll right after the confirmation message for the cancelation was triggered.

So as backend approach I would have to code some communication between two plugins, that has not good Docs or I could find a workaround, to pretend there's a communication between the interaction of canceling and answering the poll.

I went with the second one. First by time priority, second by the complexity of the integration of two plugins, third, because I have more confidence in my JS than PHP skills.

The end user could no difference if the interaction that the client needed is accomplished, and after that, I got more time to resolve other issues at the backend, with more heavy needs from the client.