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Open Monetization Wallet supports's new account payment pointers πŸ’…

In a post published on Wednesday, @ben announced that now supports account-specific Web Monetization payment pointers – hooray!

My Grant For The Web Hackathon project Open Monetization Wallet (OMW) supports account-specific payment pointers on the site with no additional configuration needed! Check out the announcement post below to learn more about the project:

To get started, simply go to /settings/misc on this site and enter your Open Monetization Wallet URL. With the pre-release version of Open Monetization Wallet, you can enter in your wallet URL and get access to some sweet features, like a durable, unique wallet URL (so you can change your wallet provider between tools like Uphold, Stronghold, and more, without having to change the URL you specify on, and revenue sharing, if you want to share Web Monetization payments between multiple people or wallets.

OMW wallet in

A fun update – I've submitted a grant application for Open Monetization Wallet to help support shipping version 1.0 of the project! You can check out the v1.0 milestone I've created on GitHub that has a lot of exciting new features - multiple wallets, UI improvements, and more! Wish me luck as the grant application is reviewed πŸ˜…

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Ben Halpern

Heck yeah

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So coool.

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Waylon Walker

πŸŽ‰ Cool to see the DEV collab