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Recovering Symfony 1.* API docs with Wayback Machine

Senik Hakobyan
Software Engineer
・1 min read

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Unfortunately some of us still have to support complex legacy apps that are running a business.

If your legacy project is running on Symfony 1.* then you should know (or you know already) that documentation for Symfony 1.* API is gone. It was available here but it’s currently redirecting to the legacy documentation, not the API.

The API documentation was a developer savior, because you no more can find a useful information in the internet for the 1.* version.

The solution is Wayback Machine!
There are many snapshots when you go to and search for ''.

Also you can scrape content from Wayback Machine using tool -

For 1_4 version I have already downloaded and uploaded pages to github -
You can download and run it on some web server, or simply run it with php -S localhost:8000

Happy coding! And always Upgrade! :)

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