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[Feedback] Gitlab: Product Usage Tracking

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... We're interested in speaking with users of that have feedback regarding Telemetry on ...

only can speak for me, i would love to give feedback but i don't do video calls and i don't want to fill out a form with my personal data (my gitlab username is a unique identifer) on third party sites which can't be trusted.

the form is on a third party server ( which uses (=amazon) and to give feedback about tracking and privacy.

the title of the relevantid page / page is "The Industry Standard for Digital Fingerprinting and Data Quality"

please switch to opensource tools or create a simple form by yourself (i am sure nobody would mind a simple plain long html form without any javascript and fancy design) and host it yourself. the topic is to critical to require video recording and the use third party services which use tracking.

i think i can speak for most of us "We don't want tracking"

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