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[Feedback] Slack: Cannot mark all messages in a workspace as read

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in the workspace which is a non paying workspace i am not able to mark all my messages as read.

i already cleared the cache and restarted the app as stated on your help page but the notification is still stuck. it happens on the webpage and in the app.

  • all channels are read (not bold)
  • "All Unreads" is not bold
  • only "Threads" is bold

clicking on "threads" shows me the "i have no unread threads" page:

Tend to your threads
Threads you're involved will be collected right here.

Alt Text

but on the top where the channel headline "Threads" is located i read "4 new replies"

i assume that these replies are so long ago that it moved out of the "free message" range but it looks like i can only mark messages as read which are in this scope.

what to do now? i permanently have a blue dot in my tray, a white dot on my workspace logo, a bold threads section in the sidebar and can do nothing about it.

please help

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I was able to fix it by creating a new "dummy thread" and then looking at that made the unread thing go away. See if that works.