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Volume2 - A logarithmic volume controller for Windows

in the past i used winamp as audio player, i really loved it but after justin frankel sold it/left the company (can't remember) i tried to move to open source software and picked foobar2000.

the thing i really missed was the logarithmic volume controller. one big issue of all modern devices (mp3 player, mobile phones, computers, ...) is the missing of a logarithmic vc. most of the time "volume 1" is much to loud if you want to listen to music to sleep... a logarithmic vc is a much better way to fine tune your desired volume.

today i found volume2 (i was searching for a mixer alternative) and then noticed that i can choose logarithmic as control method. soooo awesome.

Volume2 Options Logarithmic

additionaly it can define two audio devices which both can be controlled with it. i picked the same audio device for both, the audio device and the alternative audio device. the clue is that i can pick different targets to change the volume for. so i have choosen "Actice application" for one and "System" for the other. now i click on one application and with win + mouse wheel i can change the volume for this application and also can use my volume wheel on my keyboard to change the complete system volume.

Volume2 Options Alternative Device

get it on

really awesome :D <3

(frankel thanks for winamp, thanks for waste <3)

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Hey there! I shared your article here and check out the group if you haven't already!