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re: This is my 8th year of working remotely. If there's one wish I could have is going back to work in physical office, but due to where I live that's ...

Wow this is a very different answer than I was expecting!

So the lack of social interaction is the largest downside in your experience?

I'm extremely introverted (as I'm sure most developers are) and I really cherish my time alone. But I also know how detrimental too much alone time can be. I'm sure after a while it definitely would get to me as it has the past.


Partly, yes. On the third year I think I started having some kind of depression due to lack of social interaction. So I started going out, established local user group and try to have regular meetup. It help a lot at that time. But the effort didn't last long, everyone busy and I don't have the energy to keep it running.

These days I just keep a group of friends from my circle in telegram group. That help me a bit to still have someone to talk about our field. The non-work social interaction is different and at least to me, not really full-filling. I mean, at the end of the day, you still need someone to debate vim vs emacs, right ;)

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