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Video Snippets: [2 => Test Processes] πŸŽ₯

Fundamental test process activities include planning and control, analysis and design, implementation and execution, evaluating exit criteria and reporting, and test closure activities.

πŸ“ Test Planning

Test planning is the first activity in the test process. The test plan is a key document, providing a record of the test planning process.

πŸ“ Test Control

Test control is performed throughout the project. This process involves the tracking of testing activities and comparisons with the plan.

πŸ“ Test Analysis and Design

Test analysis and design activities include the design and prioritization of high-level test cases, identification of test data and software needed for test case execution, and creation of traceability document between test basis and test cases to determine test coverage. These activities help to set up a test environment.

πŸ“ Implementation and Execution

Test implementation activities should start before test execution. Test implementation activities help to finalize, implement and prioritize test cases, create test suits from test cases and write automated test scripts if needed.

Test execution activities include comparison of actual results with expected results, recording the outcomes of test execution, and re-testing as well as regression testing.

πŸ“ Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting

In evaluating exit criteria and reporting, information on test execution may be compared with test plan, assessments of criteria may be made, and a test summary report prepared. The exit criteria determine if a test can be considered as completed.

πŸ“ Test Closure Activities

Test closure activities involve the closure of defect reports, finalization and archiving of testware, and handover of testware to the maintenance organization.

Source: Smart Software Testing

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