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Raphaël Pinson for Camptocamp Infrastructure Solutions

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March Cloud Native Romandie Meetup

Last week, we organized our last Cloud Native Romandie Meetup. Due to the current situation, this was an online event like the previous occurrences.

The meetup was recorded and can be viewed again on YouTube.


For this edition, we had presentations by CloudBees, Exoscale, and Camptocamp.

CloudBees CI

Frédéric Gibelin from CloudBees presented CloudBees CI, a solution that helps users scale their Jenkins Enterprise platform in the Cloud.

See the slides

Exoscale SKS

Next Pierre-Yves Ritschard and Mathieu Corbin from Exoscale presented SKS, a Kubernetes as-a-Service, operating the user’s cluster on their behalf and taking care of the underlying infrastructure.

Camptocamp DevOps Stack

To finish, Raphaël Pinson presented Camptocamp's DevOps Stack project, a framework to deploy a standardized Kubernetes platform and its ecosystem, using a GitOps approach.

Future Meetups

Don’t miss any more and join the Cloud Native Romandie meetup group. This way, you can be part of a local community and stay up-to-date on different Cloud Native technologies.

We look forward to meeting and exchanging with you during our next virtual meetup scheduled for Thursday, June 17th.

Also, if you are keen to present a technology or you would like to see more of a technology, please let us know, we would be happy to support your interest. If it interests you, it also interests the community.

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