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How to add canonical url to Remix 💿

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Using loader data

This one is probably my fav, as it doesn't require any other function than the most probably already present loader. And because it's part of the loader it gives me full access to the already fetched content 🥰

import { homepage } from "/package.json"; // or import from some kind of "/config"
export const loader: LoaderFunction = async ({ params }) => {
  // [..]
  const { frontmatter, code } = await bundleMDX();
  // [..]
  const canonical = `${homepage}/${frontmatter?.lang}${frontmatter?.slug}`;
  return { frontmatter, code, canonical };
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Then in my root.tsx I have the following Document component, where especially lines 12 - 14 and line 23 are relevant.

function Document({
}: {
  children: ReactNode;
  title?: string;
  lang: string;
}) {
  // use `export const handle = { hydrate: true };` in any route to enable JS
  const includeScripts = useShouldHydrate(); // from remix-utils
  const matches = useMatches();
  const match = matches.find((match) => &&;
  const canonical = match?.data.canonical;

  return (
    <html lang={lang} className="dark scroll-smooth">
        <meta charSet="utf-8" />
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1" />
        {title ? <title>{title}</title> : null}
        <Meta />
        {!!canonical && <link rel="canonical" href={canonical} />}
        <Links />
          title="Can Rau's XML Feed"
          title="Can Rau's JSON Feed"
      <body className="dark:bg-gray-900">
        <ScrollRestoration />
        {includeScripts && <Scripts />}
        {process.env.NODE_ENV === "development" && <LiveReload />}
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Note: More about the <link rel="alternate" /> in my other article RSS in Remix

More about useMatches in the Remix Package docs and in the Disabling Javscript docs

Remix used to provide the loader data to links, but they had to remove it for prefetching

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