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Susi zsh + iterm theme

My first post in to share my iterm + zsh theme


First you need to clone or download the susi-zsh-iterm repo


  • Drop susi.zsh-theme into the ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/themes/ directory (simply create the themes directory if it does not exist)
  • Change the theme variable name to ZSH_THEME="susi" in ~/.zshrc
  • Reload the terminal (ZSH with source ~/.zshrc)


  • Open Preferences pane on the Profiles tab in iTerm
  • Switch to the Colors tab and import the susi.itermcolors (you will find this option in a drop-down in the lower right corner)


My recommended font is Incosolata. You can find it here

Enjoy ✌🏼
Made in 🇨🇷

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