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Aight. Here we go.

Time to do something I may or may not have been mildly putting off, writing something that isn't code. I know it sounds silly, but making a blog was intimidating to me. Finding the balance between being professional while still showing my personality, making sure my information is clear and informative, but not too dry. Stuff like that kinda' scared me. I'm still trying to figure out that balance but for now we'll start out with something that is (hopefully) easy, why I decided to become a software engineer.

In middle school I started playing a game with a couple of friends that, looking back at it now, has shaped my life in a huge way. That game was Halo 3 and it was my first real exposure to the world of video games. Halo 3 got me hooked, but from there I played a lot more in a bunch of different genres and started to develop a love and passion for the making of games. By the time graduation rolled around, I didn't know what I was going to do with my life, and while the dream to become a game developer was still there, it wasn't something I made any moves to actually do. It wasn't until recently that I decided it was time to act.

Knowing that the games industry is incredibly challenging and competitive, I decided that I should start by learning some more universal skills. That's why I decided to start attending Flatiron for software engineering so that I could learn important skills that can apply to any type of coding, and while I haven't given up on my dreams of becoming a game developer, I'm confident that this is the right first step for me.

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