Make a P2P connection in 10 minutes

Carlos Galarza on March 19, 2018

This is a short guide on how to make a P2P chat. My aim is to give you only a taste if you like I could write a deeper article explaining how all... [Read Full]
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Hi Carlos,

I am trying to use Peer to Peer Connection to send live stream Kinect joint data from one computer to another. Both computers are connected to the same server. When I run the program I am able to view the live data that is coming from the Kinect and I can see my Peer ID. I wanted to know if you can guide me on how to tranfer that data to another computer.




Of course, Rinay, email me with more details or some code I can find a moment to help you. Sorry for the late response I last month I was busy.


hi Carlos Galarza this is great as i expected. but i have small problem here. when i run this script on two different computers this will not works as expected. can you plz help me.


Could you share this concept for me as well, I would like to use your solution between some valid computers IP on the internet or a bigger network.

I this code doesn't work for you I recommend you to use You don't need to put the computers IP in the code. Computers are connected with each other using the channel name:

 * The channel we are connecting to.
 * Peers should discover other peers in this channel

Hope it helps


If this implementation sometimes doesn't work is because of some issues with the discovery-swarm library. Fortunately, Hyperswarm was released recently. It implements a more reliable way of doing peer discovery. So, if you are experimenting issues try to use it now, this article about Hyperswarm includes a code example and here is the GitHub repo with some docs:


Great Article! Very brief and got right to the point, loved it. How would you go about creating a P2P connection on remote (non-local) devices?


Hi Jake, thanks! If you run the script in two remote computer with internet it works. I have updated the article for clarifying it. I am glad you liked the article :)


Not work, any example of how peer_id: TCP_Connection works?

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Great Article Carlos! Hello, I would like to know how to create a private node, I noticed that it connects to a public node ... This is for a decentralized private information sharing project. Thank you in advance.

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