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Carmen Wright
Carmen Wright

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I'm looking for a design job

Hello folks!

I'm Carmen Wright and I'm actively job hunting at the moment.

My ideal role includes user experience and inclusive design for the web. I love to create wireframes and prototypes. I'm a fan of working with Figma, but have used InVision in the past.

I have a working knowledge of HTML/CSS, responsive web development, and visual design (improving those skills at the moment).

I've dabbled in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and PHP. Yes, that's a lot of dabbling, but I like to dip my brain into new technologies.

🚫 I'm not looking for a UX Researcher or Front-End Developer role.

📍 Las Vegas or Remote (especially ones that plan to stay remove post-COVID 19)

My portfolio can be found at my website.

*This would be my first formal design role, but I would be thrilled to work and learn from your company.

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