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The Developer Journey Map

Perhaps no other tool or framework went through as many revisions as The Developer Journey Map during the development of the book. It’s our most ambitious framework, as it seeks to document the end-to-end life cycle of a developer interacting with your DevRel program. Consequently, in the book, there are six chapters totaling over 15,000 words dedicated to exploring The Developer Journey Map. This post can only scratch the surface of this topic, but will hopefully serve as a useful introduction to the concept.
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Like a customer journey, The Developer Journey Map is a visualization that identifies the path a developer follows and experiences. As they move left to right across the stages, their level of interaction increases with your brand, team, and product. It’s one of the most valuable tools in DevRel in that it helps you to think holistically about the experience from the developers’ perspective while providing a very practical guide for you.

Your goal with the map is to progress your developer from left to right as quickly as possible to increase product adoption and revenue potential.

The fives stages of the map (Discover, Evaluate, Learn, Build, Scale) indicate significant changes in the developer’s intent and actions. They do not imply elapsed time.

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