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Similar experience (XPS13-DE and System76 Lemur).

I'd add a couple of additional points:

*) enjoy 15-second boot times, instead of 15-minute boot times

*) enjoy clean updates, patches, etc vs current hassle of Windows Update...

*) enjoy a fast, responsive experience on modern hardware


While I am happy with current boot times and update policy of Windows (compared to say a 5 or 10 years ago :)), my biggest gripe with Windows is lack of Unix-style CLI tools and development ecosystem (e.g., building python libraries is still a nightmare). On the positive side, Powershell is great; at times, I want some of its features in bash :-O

The one issue I am facing lately with my Linux box is freezes on wake. I guess this is a PopOS or device driver issue that I hope System76 will address it in the near future.


You've got lifetime support on the System76. Open a ticket. They'll take care of you.

I nuked a boot drive a couple of weeks back. They (very quickly) helped me identify the UEFI vs BIOS boot problem I had introduced while re-imaging.

I haven't encountered the issue over the last couple of days since upgrading to PopOS 18.04. I am guessing they addressed it in the new version. Let's see :)

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