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I've been doing this for a while with github.com/caseywebb/laptop, and it makes setting up a new machine painless. I've got it set up to auto update whenever my .zshrc is ran which works well considering I've usually got to run refreshenv to get new bins in the PATH.

I also use keybase to sync my ssh and gpg keys across machines, so after running this script I'm pretty much set to go.


Nice setup!

I like the way you run the scripts right from your .zshrc and how you use LAST_EPOCH. I imagine it could be a little surprising if you open a new terminal and it suddenly starts to update..

Also, do you have any issues with the loading time when opening a new terminal? I try keeping my changes as minimal as possible since I open new terminals quite a bit and I like it to be as quick as possible.


The naming scheme is such that the 3X-X.sh scripts are spawned in separate windows, so they don't affect the startup time at all.

That being said, I do have a small delay, but I like the tradeoffs.

1) I store my keys and credentials in Keybase, and symlink them to my local file system. It not only makes syncing across machines easier, but if I need to revoke a machine, I just revoke its keybase access.

2) The second thing is that I make a curl to api.github.com/zen. This is my uber simple way of knowing if I have internet access or not when I open the shell, considering it is where I spend most of my time.

Cool, missed that part about running the 3X scripts in the background. That helps for sure. Only have to make sure that they don't prompt for any user input and don't throw any errors I guess.

The syncing setup is nice too.

Thanks for sharing!

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