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Useful Keyboard Shortcuts Eclipse, IntelliJ, Win, Browser

keyboard shortcuts - Eclipse, IntelliJ, Windows 10

The very powerful weapon for improving productivity and speed of work during any work on the computer.

This is some of keyboard shortcuts which I'm using. Many of these are common in different programs.

Also, there are probably many other useful shortcuts which I haven't met with. Be free and write out what your favorite keyboard shortcuts are.

Keyboard shortcuts for:


Shortcuts Description
F3 Jumps to include file or variable declaration/definition.
ALT + LEFT, ALT+Right Navigate through my source to back and forward.
ALT + Up/Down Active row up/down
CTRL + Shift + / Show or hide methods body
CTRL + Shift + T Open a class
CTRL + SHIFT + G Open call hierarchy by packets (CTRL+ALT+H)
CTRL + SHIFT + O Import files
CTRL + SHIFT + L Search word in project
CTRL + SHIFT + Up/Down Switch between methods in a class
CTRL + 1 Show possible actions on line where is error
CTRL + 3 Search options and component in eclipse
CTRL + F7 Change view in Eclipse
CTRL + F8 Change View - debug, resource, spring..
CTRL + F11 Run active test class or active module of active class
CTRL + E Show open tabs
CTRL + O Show methods in activ class
CTRL + D Delete active row
CTRL + J Nice search
Ctrl + M Max or normal active view
CTRL + Space Give possible solutions

Eclipse compared with IntelliJ

Eclipse IntelliJ Description
F3 CTRL + B Jumps to include file or variable declaration
ALT + LEFT, ALT+Right SAME Navigate through my source to back and forward
ALT + Up/Down CTRL + SHIFT + UP/DOWN Active row up/down
CTRL + Shift + T CTRL + N Open an class
CTRL + Shift + R CTRL + SHIFT + B Open an document
CTRL + SHIFT + G ALT + F7 Open call hierarchy by packets
Ctrl + Shift + F7 select same methods in file
Ctrl + Alt + F7 show all calls for that method
CTRL + I Implemented methods
CTRL + O Show methods whick we can override ....
CTRL + SHIFT + Up/Down ALT + UP/DOWN Switch between methods in a class
CTRL + 1 ALT + ENTER Show possible actions on line where is error
Shift + ESC Close view
CTRL + 3 CTRL + SHIFT + A Search options and component
CTRL + F7 CTRL + TAB Change view
Ctrl + Shift + C Copy Path of file
CTRL + F11 SHIFT + F10 Run activ test class or active modul
SHIFT + F9 Run Debug
CTRL + E SAME Show open tabs
Ctrl + Shift + E Recent edited files popup
CTRL + O CTRL + F12 Show methods in activ class
Ctrl + H Type hierarchy
Ctrl + ALT + M Method from existing code
Ctrl + G Go to line
Ctrl + Shift + H Method hierarchy
CTRL + D CTRL + Y delete active row
Ctrl + M CTRL + SHIFT + F12 Max or normal active view
ALT + SHIFT + I Inspect code from file
Ctrl + Alt + S Open Settings dialog
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S Open Project Structure dialog
Alt + Shift + F Add to Favorites
ALT + 2 Open favorites location
CTRL + J Show shortcuts for code
ALT + N Activate Navigate Tab
ALT + INSERT Generate base methods
Typing '/**' then pressing Enter , Java Doc
CTRL + N right click
CTRL + Space CTRL + Space Show posible actions
double presing SHIFT Search everything

Eclipse and IntelliJ debugging keyboard shortcuts

Eclipse IntelliJ Description
F6 F8 Step over
F5 F7 Step into
Shift + F7 Smart step into
F7 Shift + F8 Step out
Ctrl + R Alt + F9 Run to cursor
Ctrl + U Alt + F8 Evaluate expression
F8 F9 Resume program
Ctrl + F8 Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl + Shift + F8 View breakpoints

Work with Version control - IntelliJ

Shortcuts IntelliJ Description
Ctrl + K Commit
Ctrl + Shift + K Push
Ctrl + T Update project
Ctrl + Alt + Z Revert changes
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Down Next Change
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Up Previous Change

Windows 10

Shortcuts Description
F6 activate another part of program
F3 search in explorer
F4 adress line in explorer
F10 activate meni if program has it
WIN + E open File explorer
WIN + L lock PC
WIN + R open Run dialog
WIN + Number open pinned shortcut
CTRL + W(ALT + F4) close windows
ALT + TAB toggle between programs
WIN + TAB toggle between programs
CTRL + SHIFT + down arrow select until end of line
CTRL + SHIFT + up arrow select until beginning of line
CTRL + Home move cursor to top/start of document
CTRL + End move cursor to bottom/end of document
CTRL + F find on screen

Some usefull keyboard shortcuts for a browser

Browser Shortcuts Description
CTRL + TAB go to the next tab
CTRL + Page up/ Page down go to next or previous tab
CTRL + T Open new tab
CTRL + SHIFT + T reopens the tab you last closed, works multiple times
F5 reload page
CTRL + L activate url address line

Command Line commands:

MKDIR folder_name - Create a new folder
MD folder_name1 folder_name2 - create multiple folders
copy NULL fileName.txt - create an empty file
dir - show files and folders
F7 - Displays a selectable list of previously executed commands
systeminfo > c:\mycomputerinfo.txt - save in file command line text
tree - view directory structure
title new_title text - change title of Command propmt
CLS - clear screen

There are also many tools and ways to add your own keyboard shortcuts.

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