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Cassey Lottman
Cassey Lottman

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Nevertheless, Cassey Lottman Coded (and more)

I'm a web developer, but first and foremost, I'm a community member. My communities include women-in-tech-on-Twitter, progressives fighting for change in a red state, r/weddingplanning, advocates for renters' rights and affordable housing, my book club, people making cool stuff on Glitch, and so many more. My communities are what drive me - coding is my job but not my life, even though some of those community memberships only make sense because I code.

I continued to code in 2019 because...

I need that $$$ to pay my mortgage.

Woman getting rained on by dollar bills

But also, because I am so excited about my new role @glitch as a Community Health Engineer. My job is to build the tools to make sure that as Glitch grows, we don't become the kind of hellscape for minorities that other big social networks have turned into. The job combines my skills in Javascript and React with my passion for building inclusive community spaces both in person and on the web.

I deserve credit for...

  • Attempting to run for public office while maintaining a full-time job and a healthy home life. My goal is to advance the conversation in local politics to include more people whose voices have been ignored, and prioritize the needs of those who are facing the greatest challenges.
  • Some big projects I shipped in 2018 at my last job, especially around major speed improvements to our PHPUnit test suite.
  • All the silly side projects I've made this year in Javascript. It's been so long since I've coded for fun, and being surrounded by the amazing creativity of people building on Glitch has inspired me to join in.
  • Trying out a new skill - pixel art! I made this truly horrendous turtle, but I know with practice I can get better. a really bad pixel art drawing of a turtle, with a pixelated caption reading 'turt'

  • Fighting to make accessibility a first-class concern on every product I'm involved with, and training coworkers on semantic HTML and testing with Voiceover. I even made this app to help fellow devs practice their screenreader skills.

I hope to see my tech community...

  • Build accessibility into product design from the beginning of every iteration.
  • Promote more women into leadership roles and give them authority to foster healthy teams.
  • Reckon with the ethics of every piece of software we write.
  • Teach our families how to use password managers, switch to encrypted messaging systems, and protect their personal info. (Including DNA!)
  • Run for office and support candidates who are working to make the world a more inclusive place for all. (Not sure how? @ me!)

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