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Hello World!

Perhaps any Engineer remembers the excitement of seeing this very first message when their first program or webpage comes to life! And so here we are at Catawiki, excited about the launch of our Engineering Blog

The idea behind having a Catawiki Engineering blog didn’t come overnight and was rather hanging in the air for a few years. We’ve put a good amount of diligence to embark on this journey, being completely sure we will provide useful content for our visitors and engage with our audience in a meaningful way.

At Catawiki, we’re building our amazing product with the help of incredible engineering concepts and tools like Cloud, Kubernetes, Microservices and BigData. It is not a secret that those can be used and built in many different ways, and despite our struggle to find the best solution for a specific purpose, we cannot claim that our way is the only true way to build things right.

Nevertheless, we believe that sharing the Catawiki Engineering stories will help many of our peers. Especially those who may be looking for examples of the same or similar problems they are faced with as part of an emerging tech organisation.

We are aiming to share our stories of successes and failures. Although you may find more of the former ones and less of the later ones, we will make sure to share the essential learnings we went through on the way to success. We believe we can achieve greater success if we help our readers avoid falling into traps, as those might be easy to overlook in the landscape of the current technology environment.

We also think it is important to share our stories in a structured form. We will post stories on different topics: Frontend, Backend, Mobile, Systems, Data, Security, Reliability, etc. Any post will be tagged with a corresponding topic name. And that’s not all!

Many companies during their growth from a small startup to a unicorn follow very similar phases. Especially during the migration to Microservices! Thus we would like to present our readers with some content which clearly pertains to different phases of our development. To make the posts stand out, our authors will tag them by corresponding phase names.

Phase Years What is this phase about?
Catawiki 0.0 2011-2014 Ancient times, before the expansive growth of Catawiki.
Catawiki 1.0 2015-2017 Our journey to Service Oriented Architecture (Microservices) begins, we can even call it the Great Expansion. Phase when we’ve focused on building facades around our Monolith system.
Catawiki 2.0 2018-2020 Phase when our Microservices Universe cooled down and we started departing from Monolith. We also call it Independence from Monolith.
Catawiki 3.0 2021+ Time when we’ll finally say “Farewell Monolith...” and open the door to the new world!

We hope you will find our posts as useful and interesting as we’ve found it challenging to wade through the building of modern Engineering at Catawiki!

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