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Intro to React Select pt. 1

Today is the first part of my series on React Select. This intro is perfect if you are completely new to React Select or React in general.

Setting things up

I started by setting up a base project using create-react-app. I called my app "demo-app".
npm create-react-app demo-app

Once my app is ready to use, I installed React Select and got to work!
npm i --save react-select

Utilizing React Select

Now that I have React Select installed, I can begin to use it by importing it and referencing it.
A simple implementation of React Select with a placeholder

Adding Options

Next, we can add an option to the select in the format of:
{ value: 'value1', label: 'Label 1'}
Now the React Select has a single option

Now that we have a simple implementation ready, I used GitKraken to view & commit my changes.

And there you have it! Keep an eye out for my follow-up articles that show you more advanced usages of React Select.

You can view of video walkthrough of this on YouTube!

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