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Candace Eckels

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Let's Get Moving!

I have made it! Completed my bootcamp and feel really well versed in Rails. Now it is on to the next stage of my master plan...the job hunt!

Now I'm not going to lie. I am absolutely terrified about the rejections that are inevitable. But I am really excited about all the connections that I am going to make.

What the heck is the game plan?!

So far I am going on HackerRank and on Turing to keep my skills up and building projects. I actually landed my first contract job yesterday and am so excited to build my first paid backend!

Next I am going to work on my networking and really trying to find the jobs that suit me. I want to find a company the is looking for a developer like me to come a long.

I am really excited for this next phase in my career!

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