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Let’s review some JavaScript features in a hurry!


Objects that can be used in for..of are called iterable.

Iterables must implement the method named Symbol.iterator. The result of obj[Symbol.iterator] is called an iterator. An iterator must have the method named next() that returns an object {done: Boolean, value:
, the value is the next value. The Symbol.iterator method is called automatically by for..of, but we also can do it directly.

Array.from(obj[, mapFn, thisArg]) makes a real Array of an iterable or array-like obj, and we can then use array methods on it. The optional arguments mapFn and thisArg allow us to apply a function to each item.


Map an object or array to variables.

Object syntax:

let {prop : varName = default, ...} = object

Array syntax:

let [item1 = default, item2, ...rest] = array

The first item goes to item1; the second goes into item2, all the rest makes the array rest.

Map and Set

Map, is a collection of keyed values, it allows objects to be keys and provides a size property.

Set, is a collection of unique values, does not allow to reorder elements.

The following allow garbage-collection: There ara also WeakMap and WeakSet which provide garbage collection, I need to research more about these. Maybe the next post.

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