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Cem coduroglu
Cem coduroglu

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Any idea for valentines day?

Hey guys, im just new in coding. Almost 1 month. I am 31 y.o personal trainer and living with my girlfriend. She's fully supports me for changing career into coding. And i wanna make a little tiny suprise with some coding stuff. 😅 I am currently learning html and css. Do you know like a little tutorial about it or do you suggest me some way?

Thank you for your reply.🙏🏼

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SeongKuk Han • Edited

I'm not sure you like it tho I have an idea. Actually, I did for my gf. This is a fake quiz website. There are few questions. After solving the questions, a letter and a picture that you prepared come out for the result.
I made it for my gf before. I made sily questions and I made her to solve them. I told her that the website is a mental test. Then the letter and the picture we took together came out. My gf liked it. Anyway, it's just an idea. I hope you'll do great, bye!

I used React, hosted in github, took a couple of days to make

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Cem coduroglu

Oh its cute. Thank you very much brother !

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I'm sure I won't be celebrating this holiday this year because two months ago I broke up with my girlfriend. I don't think I can find a date to celebrate this holiday so quickly.