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android to mac file transfer

I simply want to transfer file from android to mac. Initially I use Android File Transfer, however it stucks at 4GB.

By considering this post, I install android-platform-tools for file transfer.

step 1

on mac, install android-platform-tools.

brew install android-platform-tools
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step 2

connect the android device with USB-C to mac.
on the device, go to settings > developer options > enable USB debugging

NOTE: on xiaomi 9, tap MIUI version 7 times to enable developer options

step 3

on mac, run adb devices to confirm that android is connected to mac.

step 4

to copy file to mac, run:

adb pull <device_file_location> <mac_location>
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to copy file to device, run:

adb push <mac_file_location> <device_location>
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please let me know if there is any other way more straightforward! 😬

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