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The DEVpreneur Podcast

This week I released a podcast with my good friend and former co-worker Tom Zaragoza called The DEVpreneur. Tom and I met 18 months ago while working as software developers at Tulip Retail. We quickly learned we had similar interests; we both enjoyed building SaaS products in our spare time.

We started The DEVpreneur podcast to talk about our common passion for where entrepreneurship and software development intersect. We cover things like common misconceptions, how to quickly build a product users want, and more. Our first episode had a bit of an echo, but I think we've since gotten rid of it. Who knew audio was such a tricky business - not me.

Further, we are hosting the podcast's media files and RSS feed on my personal website. If you are interested in how to do this for your own podcast, I wrote about how to host your own podcast RSS feed on my blog - you should check it out!

Do you have a favourite podcasts that you listen to, or do you host your own podcast? I'd love any tips or resources!

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