How to get inspired (about making things!)

Charlyn Gonda on August 27, 2018

Hello! I've been having fun making things for 12 Months of Makes (as evidenced by the state of my desk pictured above haha), and I figured this p... [Read Full]
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Daughter's been a big inspiration, I'm kind of using her as an excuse to resurrect a few hobbies like electronics. On the weekend we were IKEA hacking to make an extra play house for her hamster. Tonight we'll add straw, plants, toys and tubes etc. to make it less austere!

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OMG that's amazing! What a great reason to resurrect a hobby :D I hope you'll share a photo of the new hamster tenant + young maker :D


Thanks! At the moment it needs a lot more coziness and some soft floors, but that's coming next. Hamster climbs the ladders in all the wrong ways, so the floors need plenty of padding!

So good!! Looks like such a fun project 🎉 thanks for sharing!


Great post! Options 3 and 4 are where I always seem to end up deriving ideas. I'm currently working a "Smart" fan to accompany my indoor bicycle training setup. It's solving a problem (having to get off my bike constantly to turn the high-volume fan up and down as I heat up and cool off) but also adding to the experience of the indoor setup

Thanks for sharing!

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