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Hi All! πŸ‘‹

I'm Christian, a rather introverted (INFP-T) guy, currently working as FrontEnd Software Developer using mainly Node.js, React and Sass.
Like most here, I constantly learn new stuff and I love to take a look beyond the tellerrand now and then.

I'm here for inspiration what to try next, information about new stuff and to gather tips to proceed in my career 😬

A bit about where I come from:

Before I started my specialization towards the FrontEnd, was working for nearly 10 years as an 'Informatikkaufmann' (IT Management Assistant is the official translation I think) doing FullStack Development with PHP (60-70% of my time) while also doing IT-Administration and Support. During that time I also made my B.Sc. in Applied Computer Science in my free time...

Shortly after I finished my Bachelor went on and found the position I'm currently in (may 2016)... I guess there will be more to come but only time will show...


Hi Christian. Welcome! And congrats on your new-ish in software. I'm also a NodeJS developer. I’m always curious what people are using within NodeJSβ€” what database are you using (mongo? PostgreSQL?)? And are you using regular JS or TypeScript?

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