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Chetan Mahajan
Chetan Mahajan

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7 Good Habits for Software Developers

Good Habits make good people, We are what our habits are. So to become a good software engineer I have discovered good habits which can make you great software developers.

1. Check Startup Websites/Apps

Every day we heard the news of successful startups that are changing the lives or lifestyles of people. It's because of innovation almost every startup brings new idea with new innovation. So if we make a habit of checking their innovation, features, data representation we get many ideas from them and can adopt them in our work.

2. Read Code

When we read we learn from other people experience that saves our lot of time. We can apply the same principle here. If you read open source from great developers or open-source of big companies we get a lot of ideas of how to write better code and find a solution to difficult tasks. You can do it by searching your technology name on GitHub or see open source projects from company official websites by googling them.

3.Use Pinterest

If you search any term you will get ideas about it on Pinterest. As we are software developers we can get ideas about UI/UX and How to represent data on our website or app. So before starting to work on the new feature it's a good habit to get ideas from Pinterest by searching terms related to our task.

4.Connect with Nature

Always take breaks while working for long hours, When we connect with nature we feel fresh and get more ideas and become more creative.

5.Ready Daily

Leaders are readers!. Technology changes fast. To stay ahead of competition read articles, blogs, videos, news, and books. By reading related to your domain and technology from blogs, videos, or other mediums you get knowledge about what's going on in the world and what we can adopt in our work.

6.Build Daily

Knowledge is potential power, Action is real power!. Apply your knowledge by taking action daily. When we write a code daily we learn how to write, better and optimized code. And for the next task, it requires less time than the last one. It's an important habit for you to write a code daily (I also code on the weekend :) ) to become an expert in your field.

7.Follow great content creators

Almost every person spends 2-3 hours daily on social media. If we use this same time to learn 2-3 things every day from social media we will have 600-700 topics knowledge in a year. So follow good content creators/influencers on social media to learn new things.

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