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Pavan Chilukuri
Pavan Chilukuri

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What's your favorite go to framework/library for developing web apps?

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My personal preference would be React over Angular as I feel React is light weight and enables loosely coupled components structure and thus giving high flexibility for component reusability.

I haven't worked on any projects on Vue yet but worked on both React and Angular.


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Fraser McTaggart

I love Nuxt! It is a framework for Vue applications. It keeps my application structure the same and has most of the repetitive fiddley stuff sorted out already. It can be used for simple sites, such as MCT Web to more complicated applications Vue telemetry

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Louis Low • Edited

My preferred MVP framework used in the workplace is vue.js. Some time is alpine.js depends on the project size. I adopted some parts of react.js such as (looping, props, and states) just for making web components and templating by given the mockup design. For my freelance project, I use an in-house proprietary MVP framework krugurt.js. For styling is using yogurt.css

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Pavan Chilukuri

yogurt.css seem pretty interesting. Would definitely try that.

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Andy Haskell • Edited

I really like Vue, coming originally from ES5. It's got a lot of the same concepts as React, but to get started I didn't need to know much ES6+. I found learning Vue, I was able to figure out how to read a React codebase. Recently have started writing Vue blog posts btw, like this one as an intro to organizing your code with .vue files and vue-cli

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Joe Steinbring

I was a huge advocate for Angular back in the 1.x days. After switching to a company that was already heavily leveraging jQuery, I found Rivets.js. It handles data binding, templating, etc without having to change out your model/controller stuff. When I discovered Vue.js a few years ago, it felt like a revelation. It was lightweight like Rivets but had more power and extensibility.

I don’t feel like an expert on this stuff but Vue.js was pretty easy to get started with and I’m not hacking my way around limitations like I was with Rivets.

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Winston Puckett

Personally, I'm starting to get into 11ty. The idea that I use html5 first and then only use js when it's really needed is appealing.

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Andrew Baisden

React and Next.

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i had to divorce vue after I met my mistress svelte 😜