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Kushagra Gour
Kushagra Gour

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An interactive and practical introduction to Web Accessibility for everyone

Ever since I understood the importance of Accessibility, I have always tried putting a conscious effort to share whatever I keep learning. So that everyone can start caring about at least the basics of Accessibility while making websites.

Nothing brings you closer to reality than actually facing it. This is the premise of my latest attempt to spread awareness about Web Accessibility.

Presenting 👉🏼

This project is a series of chapters, in the form of a quiz. Each chapter shows you something or ask you to do something and then asks you a question. The chapters are basically extreme cases of unusable user experience designed such that they are inaccessible even to abled users.

Each chapter makes you experience a particular Accessibility issue. It then tells you how that issue affects various users on the Internet, why it affects them and what you can do to prevent it.

My intention with this project is that it can be the first step to introduce Web Accessibility to anyone and everyone who work with websites. No matter if they are developers, designers or marketers! I hope I can arouse empathy that each one of us requires to make the Web a better place for everyone.

Please do share with anyone and everyone you know who works with websites ->

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Also, I recently launched a "Ask me Anything" on Github.

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Nehal Hasnayeen

Great work, hopefully you'll add other accessibility requirement to it also, like alt text for images etc.

Also IMO even if user select yes you should show the explanation so that they can learn about the accessibility requirement.

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Kushagra Gour

Yes, I'll be adding more chapters. And that idea is really nice, I'll think more about it. Thanks!