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De-stress with Risk Analysis

Sprint 3 — Wednesday

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Risk analysis isn’t something we often think about as being a team building tool. In fact, it’s something we might normally read about if we’re having trouble getting to sleep.

But, it can be quite effective for not just mitigating risk, but also for defusing potentially stressful situations in a team.

One source of stress is a problem with no clear path for resolution

Think about it. Many times stress is the results from a problem which has no clear path for a resolution. The team is confronted at that point of maximum stress with even more stress. Kind of like trying to put a fire out with gasoline.

Taking a short amount of time at the start of the project to list the things with the highest probability of “going wrong” and creating a very very high-level plan for how you will solve them can bypass some of the stress if they do occur.

This shouldn’t be a lengthy exercise and keep in mind you aren’t coming up with all the technical steps to solve it. Only the plan or direction you’ll take if the situation materializes.

Application Development: A Risky Business

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