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The Finish Line is in Sight!

Sprint 6 — Tuesday

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Something software development projects teach us is the importance of balancing the three parts of the Agile “Iron Triangle” —  resources, time, and scope. This differs from the other methodologies because it’s focused on adaptation and quality instead of predictive schedules and cost.

This might sound odd, but it’s actually good to encounter problems with resources and time that required you to adjust your scope during a project. While we don’t want Developers to experience stress over their projects, dealing with problems is a great way to reach a new level of maturity as a Developer and to prepare for a new job.

The problems you encounter on projects such as those you find at Chingu are the same as those you will encounter on the job. Teammates leave or are pulled away to other projects, requirements change, issues and unknowns arise that must be dealt with, and sometimes there are disagreements within the team.

What distinguishes senior members of a team from others isn’t what they know, but how they deal with problems and how they use them to make the team stronger.

Before you Go!

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