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Is your project finished?

Sprint 6 — Monday

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So, you are entering the last Sprint of your project and you are almost done! But are you really finished?

For a project to be truly done you need to ensure that the following have been completed:

  • All of the features you added to your definition of the minimum viable product (MVP) must be completed
  • All features should function as expected and shouldn’t have bugs or unintended side effects
  • Your readme should be up-to-date and accurately describe and provide guidance to those who will be maintaining or contributing to the project.
  • The app must be deployed to a production server and tested before releasing it to users. (If you’ve been following the Agile Methodology this is something you should have been doing at the end of each sprint)

Although the final Sprint in a project is one of the most stressful and brings a lot of pressure to release the final product it’s also important to resist the temptation to release before it’s ready.

It’s one thing to trim scope to meet a deadline and quite another to release a defective product.

Remember that one of the most valuable assets to any development team is the relationship you’ve built with your users. The last thing you want to do is to release a buggy product that surprises your users and damages the relationship you’ve worked hard to build with them.

Being “done” is different than being “perfect”. But, what each should have in common is they must deliver tangible value and meet user needs.

Once you have finished you should also take the time to reflect on the experience individually and with your team, and take the time to Celebrate your Success!

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