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Putting trust in your team & your processes

Sprint 5 — Monday

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The final two sprints in any project are the most stressful. If you didn’t realize it before, it’s at this point you realize that time is the worst enemy of any project. However, you’ve also learned that teamwork and following a process, like Agile, helps you meet your objectives even when time is short.

In the last part of any project it’s important to continue following your process and to work together. As deadlines approach and you are rushing to complete features and fix bugs there is always a tendency to start hacking. Namely, to make changes outside of your process and team, and often randomly and without thought.

REMEMBER that your greatest resource is your team

It can be hard to be open about concerns, issues, and to ask for help. We might view this as a weakness or a failure. But, It is a sign of maturity, strength and results in saving time, while increasing what you learn.

So, as tempting as it may be to start hacking away with “guns a blazing”, rely instead on your teammates and your process.

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