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The Last Mile is the Hardest Mile!

Sprint 5 — Saturday

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There is an old saying that “the last mile is the hardest mile”. This is true in just about any activity you start, whether it be a home remodeling project or your Software Development Project.

But when the going gets tough, remember why you started — the satisfaction of creating something tangible out of nothing, to build up your expertise, and possibly to create a project you can show when interviewing.

Achieving the goals you started set means you have to cross the finish line.

It’s often the case that when problems and difficulties arise you’ll experience negative thoughts. Such as “I should just give up!” But don’t throwaway all of the hard work you’ve put into your project by not finishing. Even if it’s not perfect see it through to the end, reflect on the process, and adapt to make the next project better.

And don’t forget that once you have finished take the time to reflect on the experience individually and with your team, and take the time to Celebrate your Success!

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