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What are your teams issues telling you?

Sprint 5 — Monday

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You’ve learned it’s important to listen to what your teammates to be a high functioning team. But, has it occurred to you that issues and problems you encounter are also trying to tell you something?

As Developers we think about issues and problems only in terms of ” bugs ”. But they are also anything that creates resistance or friction that reduces progress or productivity.

For example, an application that requires users to enter dates & times, but doesn’t automatically recognize the timezone they are in which forces the user to manually convert them to a common timezone is a source of friction and aggravation. It creates frustration and resistance on the part of the user, plus it’s highly error prone.

Another example is a team who creates a new team meeting schedule in each sprint. As we all know, finding times to meet for a remote team is a time consuming task. Finding a common time to meet that’s generally suitable for all team members and scheduling it once as a repeating event is more efficient.

Remember! Lasting progress isn’t a big bang , it’s incremental!

This is why your team retrospective is important. It’s the time you set aside in each sprint to discuss what worked well and what didn’t work well so you can build on successes and take action to correct what isn’t working so well, no matter how trivial they may seem.

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