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Why use Agile over Waterfall?

Sprint 4 — Thursday

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You should have noticed by now that Chingu is a proponent of Agile instead of Waterfall project management. But why?

First, what is Waterfall? It’s simply a linear methodology that divides projects into distinct phases — design, development, testing, & deployment. In this methodology 100% of each phase must be completed and signed off before proceeding to the next phase.

This is simple to understand, and it works quite well for highly regulated projects such as those that must meet strict regulatory requirements. For example, banking application that must meet stringent industry & government regulations.

However, Waterfall’s main flaw is it doesn’t work for many projects since their requirements change throughout the life of the project. Even worse, many Waterfall practices are designed to resist change. And as we know the only constant in Development is change.

On the other hand, Agile is designed not to just accept, but to embrace change by incrementally completing tasks in multiple sprints consisting of design, development, testing & deployment. This allows changes to be incorporated as they come up.

Bottom Line: Agile adapts to reality rather than the project trying to adapt reality to it!!!

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