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Failing the CI build if django migrations are out of date

A common mistake in django is to make a model change but forget to run makemigrations to generate a migration for the model change. Sometimes it is not entirely obvious when this need to happen. For example, let's say I'm using the django-extensions library and I define a model like:


from django.db import models
from django_extensions.db.models import TimeStampedModel

class MyModel(TimeStampedModel, models.Model):
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In this situation, upgrading django-extensions to a new version might require me to regenerate the migrations in my app, even though I haven't made any changes to and overlooking this could generate unexpected results.

Fortunately there is a simple thing I can do to detect and warn if this happens: If I run

python makemigrations --check
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in my CI build, this will cause the build to fail if my migrations are out of sync with the models, warning me about the problem.

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