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Discussion on: The Best Way to Achieve Your Life Goals

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Chris Achard

Many times in my life I've done exactly what you said in the intro: got something working "just a bit", but then given up on it before it really turned into something bigger.

For the things that have really worked out in my life, the only constant I see is that I just stuck with it, to "grind it out"; just put in the hours... and hours... and eventually - things start working! ✨ like magic ✨

So this post is great. The more you can figure out exactly WHAT your goals are (and align yourself to them internally) - I think the more willing you'll be to do the actual work, and grind it out until things start working.

Thanks for the motivation! 😀

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Ivan Pavic

That s exactly what we need to keep looking for!! That feel of "magic". That s what pushes me every time trough my obstacles! ✨