Redux Crash Course with Hooks 🎣

Chris Achard on October 02, 2019

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Cool intro to hooks for redux!

Little comment: It would be even nicer if the code examples were not images so I could easily copy snippets (and that would also give more SEO probably). But no worries, I still enjoyed reading this.


(And thanks for contributing to DEV)


Yeah, that’s a good point... I do include a code sandbox link at the end, but I could put one for every step - I’ll think about that for next time (or could edit this one).

Glad it was useful!


I love the verry visual explainations with all that arrow pointer stuff :)


Hey man! This article is awesome, I am currently learning Redux in React, Can I translate your article, learn, and then put it on the China Programming Forum website? Website Addr: . And I'll keep original address in article.


Thanks for good intro. I've been developing in NodeJS (and a number of other langs) for ages but React made me scratch my head. I felt old and dumb :) Now I start getting it.

BTW - what's the issue with those weird "s" characters you're using? I remember we had to write "s"-s this way at school (in Europe). How do you get these?


Glad you're starting to get it!

Ah, those "s" characters are because I turned on "ligatures" in codesandbox (which I used to make those screenshots). I think they're kind of fancy looking πŸ˜„


By the by what tool you have used for adding notes to the code in those images, it looks cool to me..


I take screenshots of the code and then open them in photoshop to add the arrows and notes. Kind of a lot of work! But I'm not sure if there's an easier way :)


I found it very useful and well written, thanks


Great writeup! Clearer and more helpful than some much longer pieces. Let me know when you do sagas!

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